Okay, so I have actually had this car for a little over a year.  But it has only been until recent that things were settled down enough to allow me to work on the thing.

The following posts in this category will detail everything I do to the car and (hopefully) shed some light on any questions people may have facing a similar project.

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So I was tasked with setting up backups for our Percona database servers this week and it had to be as follows: full backups Sunday night and incremental backups the other 6 nights of the week.

Of coarse, I could have done something creative with 7 crontab entries, but where is the fun in that?

So I took a peek online and there is very little for handling such a task with innobackupex.  The couple I did find were rather clumsy or over-complicated and just did not work the way I thought a rotational backup script should.

So here is the first release of my database rotational backup script.

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